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  • How can I get your grain? Do you ship in bulk?
    We sell directly from the farm to you via USPS Flat Rate Boxes. 2, 15, or 25 pound boxes (weights are approximate). See our Shop for details. We also sell larger quantities with bulk pricing! We can arrange shipping for you or pick-up at the farm in Horse Heaven, WA, USA. Please go to our Contact page to send a message or email us at
  • Is your grain organic?
    Although we practice some organic methods, we have made a concious choice not to use tillage on our farm due to the soil erosion that can result. By eliminating tillage for weed control we are able to protect our precious soils and enhance the environment for wildlife large and small. Our grain is always grown in a sustainable way that is respectful of our shared environment.
  • Looking for Triticale?
    So sorry, we are completely out of Triticale, with no plans to grow in the future. We know there are farmers in the region that grow it, just not sure they do mail orders. We really loved growing it, as it was very sturdy and had a unique flavor. While we had several home baker and small brewery fans, unfortunately, there was no large market for it. Most of our bulk loads went for feed, as they don't even take it at the commercial elevator here. Thank you for your support!
  • Can I visit your farm?
    We are not currently set up to host drop in visitors. But we love talking farming with all comers on Instagram @a_place_they_call_heaven
  • What about shipping?
    We provide the total cost to you up front, including the price of shipping the USPS flat rate boxes. It isn't fun when you think you're only spending $30 on a product, put it in your shopping cart, and find out that you have to pay an additional $20 in shipping. We make it transparent for you! In the Cart you will see FREE shipping. We currently only ship within the USA. Wondering about bulk order shipping? Contact us!
  • How long will it take to get my grain?
    We ship Priority 2-Day USPS Flat Rate Boxes. We will try our very best to fill your order within a week. We live 25 minutes away from town, out in the country, so we must plan our trip to the Post Office. Please note that shipping is sometimes taking longer than normal ever since Covid-19. Thanks for your patience!
  • Do you sell flour?
    We are not set up to mill and do not sell flour directly. Some of our grains are available as flour through the following great folks: Cairnspring Mills, Burlington, Washington: Ethos Stone Mill, Richland, Washington: We recommend using or purchasing your own small mill, so you can mill flour fresh when it's needed. Fresh flour tastes better, and having your own mill opens up a whole world of grain varieties, flavors, and exploration in the kitchen!
  • What mill do you recommend?
    We currently own and recommend a Mockmill. You can leave it on your counter, at your preferred setting, grind wheat berries on demand directly into your working bowl. The milling process is very clean. There is hardly any mess. You can grind all kinds of grains, spices, etc. We have used K-Tec Kitchen Mills (sometimes you can find them on Ebay) and they have a really nice fine grind. The old ones sometimes need a seal replacement (so they don't dust your whole kitchen with flour). There are some manual grind mills that are inexpensive on Ebay. We have heard of people using Kitchenaid attachments, Vitamixes, food processors, coffee bean grinders, etc. We have not tried those, but they may be possibilities?
  • How clean is the grain? Can I use it for grain bowls?
    All our grain is cleaned twice - once by the combine that harvests it, and once on our farm's dedicated Crippen grain cleaner. We strive to ship you the very cleanest, most consistent grain possible. There will occasionally be chaff, stem bits, or other natural debris in the grain. But not often. Our grain is well suited for grain bowls and other cooking that needs an aesthetically uniform product. Very rarely there are very tiny field pebbles that could remain. If we are aware of them in a certain grain, we will let you know.
  • How long will the grain keep? Will it expire?
    Whole, intact grain has one of the longest shelf lives of any food. Civilization is built on the reliability and longevity of grain stores. As long as your grain is kept dry and in a sealed container, it will keep for many decades, while still retaining it's nutrition. If you intend to store our grain, a rodent proof, sealable container is best. Mice and bugs love grain and will try very hard to get into it! Temperature is not a problem, though the more stable it is, the longer it will keep. Our grain will make delicious bread when you need it, today or in the future. It makes for a great emergency food source.
  • Tell me about your food handling.
    We handle your grain as if it will end up on our own kitchen counters, because it does. We bake with it too. We do not use anything on our around the grain that is unsafe. We do not treat the grain with insecticide in storage. We store grain in rodent-proof bins. We store our cleaner in a rodent proof enclosure. We run the grain through that cleaner to winnow it, recieve the clean grain into food-grade supersacks, and store those in a rodent-proof container on our farm. We wash our hands prior to handling any grain for orders. The grain is placed into a food-grade plastic bag, sealed and taped up, secure inside it's shipping box.
  • Covid-19? Food shortages?
    We are continuing to operate normally as a farm business and are not experiencing any issues due to Covid-19, nor any other circumstance. Illness is not prevalent at all in our area due to it's remoteness. We will not run out of grain to sell you and we are continuing to make weekly runs to the post office to serve you as necessary. Bulk order shipping and pickups are still normal operations for us. We are here for you. Please note that shipping is sometimes taking longer than normal every since Covid-19 - thanks for your patience.
  • Do you have any baking tips?
    We are not professional bakers, but if you visit our Instagram @a_place_they_call_heaven and check our our tagged posts, you will find a variety of creations made with our wheat by professionals and skilled home bakers alike - all whom are friendly, wonderful people who can answer baking questions with more knowledge and skill than our modest abilities allow!
  • Help! My question isn't here???
    Please visit our Contact page or email us at We would love to hear from you and answer your questions! Thanks!


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