4 Grain Seasonal Sampler

4 Grain Seasonal Sampler


Can't decide? Excited to try a little of each? Our 15lb Medium USPS Flat Rate box comes with with 3.75 lbs each of our 4 seasonal grains!


You will get:

3.75 lbs Horse Heaven Hollis Hard Red Spring Wheat: A great high protein bread and pasta grain with strong dough, good color and rich flavor. Horse Heaven Hollis is our grainiest grain. It smells of summer harvest days and the fields, and will add flavor and texture to your recipes that you want to show off a grain with.


3.75 lbs Sequoia Hard Red Winter Wheat: A new WSU hard red winter wheat variety developed specifically for our dry ecoregion. It stands as strong, tall and red as it's namesake tree! Sequoia is great for all around baking, with less protein than Hollis, but more than a typical AP white flour. Sequoia has beautiful flecks of red bran when milled, that can be sifted out for a whiter flour, or left in for a homestyle feel. Sequoia is the best choice for your general baking use when you want to add some whole grain nutrition.


3.75 lbs Triticale: Our most unique grain! We love triticale and it loves our farm. A cross between wheat (triticum) and rye (secale), triticale offers some of the qualities of each. The complex flavor and nuance of rye, mellowed by the easier behavior of wheat in the kitchen. If you're a baker, triticale offers the aesthetics of a wheat bread, and the rich, dark flavors of a rye loaf. And if you like to experiment with malted, sprouted or fermented foods, then triticale is the grain for you!


3.75 lbs Elwha River Spelt: A unique grain bred by Washington State University for our region. Spelt is an ancient descendant of primitive wheat and retains a unique flavor profile and baking quality all its own. While most spelt grain has an attached hull, Elwha does not, making it simple as wheat to handle and mill.

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